I have this thing with textures…

Last month, my fiancé surprised me with a trip to Utah.  I’ve never been, and he wanted to show me a bit of the West.  As a part of the surprise, he’d purchased us a new camera a while before, which we’d already been messing around with.  Over a week of hiking in Kanab, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon, we took hundred (well, thousands) of photos.

My obsession with close-up shots of textures, vegetation, and people was obvious from the get go.  At one point, as we were ascending a steep switchback with unbelievable views, I stopped to lay down and try to get a picture of a flower growing out of a cliff.  As  fellow hikers had to move around me, my fiancé said, “I bring her up here and she wants to take pictures of flowers!”  Luckily, he did a good job recording the vistas so we have a record.  (By the way — Zion National Park basically looks like every scene from “The Land Before Time” movies, and is well worth a visit if you can make it!).

I’ve always preferred “macro” photography to scenic shots, and over the last week of editing, these are the photos I am repeatedly drawn to.  Trying to get the details across (and learning more about photoshop…) has filled the last several days. A selection of my favorites are below.

I was in a little stitching rut before the trip, and while I’m not stitching mountains, or using much color lately, I’m back in the groove with lots of new ideas.  Getting out of one medium and into another for a week got the creative juices flowing again.


One of the first pieces I stitched after our trip.


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