is up and running!

Welcome to my brand new blog.  The rest of the site is coming along, and I hope it will be a good resource for those starting out in embroidery.

Today, I am reminded of how  powerful the creative process is to me.  After a solid 12 months of working extra shifts, and a morning of filling out financial paperwork, I am luxuriating in writing this post and working on BeeBeeBrooklyn.  This is my outlet, and a huge source of the energy I take with me into my relationships and [other] profession.


My incredible partner-in-crime surprised me a few weeks ago with a brand new camera.  He knew I used to use photography as a creative outlet, and had wanted to start himself.  He did all the nitty gritty research, and found a great deal on a camera, including lenses and all we needed to get started.  I hate all the above details, so he gets major bonus points for doing the “boring” part for us.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been adventuring around New York City, getting acquainted with our new equipment.  Below are a few series of photos that resulted:

While photography is worlds different from embroidery, I was struck by how my experience in one informs my practice of the other.  Pattern and texture has long been a source of inspiration for me, and I was struck by how often I wanted to run right up next to something to photograph it, while my boyfriend was drawn to larger scenes.

I’m off to work on the pages of the site some more!  Keep checking back for new posts, shop updates, and an expanded library of tutorials and resources.

❤ BeeBee




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